Photograph and Video Director

With art and architecture studies background, Horia is a Bucharest based Photographer specialized in commercial, fashion and portrait photography/video. Leaving the financial district in 2013, he dedicated the following years working with passion for big clients not only in Romania but also abroad. Ambitious and enthusiast, Horia tries to go beyond the tehnical stuffs and concentrate on the unseen parts of photography and video, like concept and storytelling. Successful project needs a strong team of professionals that share the same goal, that is why he focuses on that matter.

ABOUT HIM: He is also passionate about music composing and tuned this into his hobby. Horia also contributed to soundtrack design of a few of his video productions.

MOTTO: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams



Designer and Art Director

French designer, she is full of enthusiasm, super passionate and completely invested in everything that she does. After graduated from a Master in Marketing in a prestigious school in Paris, she worked has Head of Product Developement for more than 5 years in a famous Spa and Luxury cosmetics brand in Paris. Then she graduated from fashion school and create her own fashion workshop in China. When she moved to Bucarest, she decided to create her own fashion brand and sold it after 4 years.  Then she decided to offer her knowledge of design and organisation by developping a creative agency. As extreme perfectionist, she likes her work to be perfect…

ABOUT HER: She likes all kind of art, biology and science topics, to eat healthy food,  to cook, to travel and she speaks 6 languages

MOTTO: Live your life and don’t regret anything!



Music and Sound Director

With over 15 years of experience, Andrei will cater to your audio needs whether it’s commercial jingles, original songs, voice over work, sound design, mix & master and so much more. Andrei Studied UNMB Bucharest and is an established composer, Audio Engineer and one of the few romanians to be AVID Pro Tools Production certified.

Beeing able to bring your musical ideas to life, he collaborated with famous singers, bands and with a lot of corporate clients for commercial projects.

ABOUT HIM: Even though music is his job, Andrei also finds time to collaborate with emerging artists and compose music in his spare time.

MOTTO: “To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”Leonard Bernstein