First Fashion brand on-line for woman that lets you create your own clothing : customized and made to measure !

Bylithium has been created in 2014 by two French  thirty-year-old girls,  stuffed with energy and ideas that decided to put their passion at the service of the woman of 21 century. Bylithium offers retro-chic trendy clothes with an  inconventional “Je ne sais quoi” ….

Lookool worked for 2 years with Bylithium  and creates part of the branding, photo session, styling….

MIAU by Clara Rotescu

Timeless pieces and a remix to Eastern European influences – this are the key words of Clara Rotescu lifestyle for woman’s who possess a strong personality. MIAU by Clara Rotescu proposes the new contemporary vision of strong and cosmopolitan look for woman.  MIAU by Clara Rotescu world is one of seduction and charm, great vitality and a spontaneous sense of fun. For designer, fashion is a mix of sensation, a return to the past and a vision of the future, for a modern, sexy and feminine woman.

Lookool works XX years with Clara Rotescu the founder of the brand to define photo session, fashionshows, videos, lookbooks…


iMute Magazine is an independent and inspirational print-on-demand and digital fashion magazine dedicated to showcasing the work of artists from all across the fashion world, based in Bucharest, Romania, and focuses on the visual expression only.


Mary is a cool Roamnian antrepreneur who wanted us for a few personal and business portraits.